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premiere 'Glass on the Roof'

Live - recording of Classical Zen now available on BR Klassik

Amstel Quartet thrills with “Classical Zen”

Review of our concert "Classical Zen", Bevern, Germany, Janua...

NRC: Zing het met een saxofoon


Newsletter December 2016

Die Rheinlandpfalz about our concert in Landau on September 28th

Wagners Ring in 20 Minuten - genial

Balm for the soul ... La vie en rose even is a revelation

Newsletter July 2016



tonight Natte Noten concert !

Newsletter March 2016

Winds festival


Édith Piaf - Celebration !

A real Caribbean feast for the ears!

NO CONCERT @ Sunny Court

5 out of 5 stars for Sax avec Elan! in Elsevier!

Sax avec Elan! Album of the Week on SinfiniMusic!

Stay up to date about the Amstel's tour in North America

En Route review Sax & Elan

Review 'Sax Avec Elan' op

Recensie 'Sax avec Elan' in Trouw

Recensie Klassiek Zaken 'Sax Avec Elan'

Recensie NRC 'Sax avec Elan'

Recensie Telegraaf 'Sax avec Elan'

out now > new album > sax avec elan !


Remco's metronome

Songs of Clarity - new album by Klaartje van Veldhoven

Review Gaudeamus concert[s]

Gaudeamus Muziekweek TONIGHT

Summer ringtone


Music for building by Arnold Marinissen

Amstel Quartet on De Tiende van Tijl, Dutch Television

Support our new CD with chansons by Brel, Aznavour, Piaff and ...

s p r i n g i s i n t h e a i r

Toeters en Taart

Mit dem Saxophon unterwegs in ungewohnte Klangwelten

News letter January 2014 online now

Support our Byrd Crowdfunding project with Klaartje van Veldhoven


Help the Netherlands Saxophone Festival!

"Dat kwartet is fantastisch", Telegraaf, november 2013

Another great review of our concert in Lörrach / Germany!

Elan & Sax

Concert at Sarnia Concert Association, Canada

Great review of our concert in Altensteig / Germany!

Amstel Quartet tours Siberia and Moscow


holidays are over, time to work


Tonight: Robeco Summernights @ Concertgebouw

The discovery of Thomas de Hartmann

a few bars

This Saturday May 11th 'Wet Notes' in Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

Review of the latest Amstel Records release 'Princepiration' (...

Michael Torke's about the Amstel Quartet

Eugene Drucker joins the Committee of Recommendation!

New members of the Committee of Recommendation

Committee of recommendation

The latest Amstel Records album is about to be released

Richard Wagner


Q&A: How to commission new compositions

Q&A: How often and how long would you practise together as a q...

An interview with Henk Schut about the upcoming show 'Breath'

'Klootzakken' an opera by Merlijn Twaalfhoven

with TV host Matthijs van NIeuwkerk

Amstel Tracks NOW! review

An Amstel Quartet scoop

Review of the Lars Mlekusch mouthpieces for plastic Legere reeds

TOY SAXOPHONE + saxophone quartet

Amstel tip: This is how Ties selects his reeds

summer in Holland

Renske Vrolijk about the 'Minimal Tones' Concert


recensie: ZWART LICHT.. . Leeroy draait door

Ties has a new hobby!

gecertificeerde zuurstofflessen - certified oxygen cylinders

Irish - Dutch in Dublin

USA tour

Triple 10 for Amstel Tracks NOW! in Klassik Heute! over 'Amstel Tracks NOW!' (in Dutch)

Alles ist Saxophon

review Amstel Tracks NOW! in Opus Klassiek

review Amstel Tracks NOW! in Klassieke Zaken

review Amstel Tracks NOW! in Mania

Interview in Symphony

LUXEMBURGER WORT - Une mosaïque musicale étincelante

An interview with Olivier in Luxembourg's Pizzicato Magazine

Supersonic Award for "Amstel Tracks Now!"!

"Amstel Quartet: The best saxophone quartet in the world." (AV...

our latest album now available: Amstel Tracks NOW!

We have winners!


Zoektocht naar evenwicht - met dominee Gremdaat

This friday in Hamburg with NDR Big Band

performance with the New Century Saxophone Quartet - november ...

Amstel Quartet arrived in Platteville

on tour

Amstel Tracks II recording week

The Luxembourg Fonds Culturel National supports Amstel Tracks 2!

Support the 'Amstel Tracks 2' project now!

Opening of the 'Grachtenfestival' on TV

New manager

Opening of the 'Grachtenfestival'

Peerkes Proef

Help save MCN, Music Centre the Netherlands

An audience reaction to the Amstel concert in A'dam last week

Youtube Comment

Some audience reactions to our Felix Meritis concert

Persbericht: Met een saxofoonkwartet kan alles

The most colourful saxophone quartet in the world

A recommendation from our audience (Dutch)

now available . . new album. . . 'Live @ De Toonzaal'

Dutch Heights Award Winners Arts and Culture in the Netherland...

Vredenburg-Leeuwenbergh is sold out

Met vier saxen naar Hengelo (O)?

De Volkskrant cd recensies: Amstel Raga

Twitter and Facebook pages

CD review Amstel Raga (in German) Pizzicato

CD review Amstel Raga (in German)

CD review Amstel Raga (Dutch with translation)

CD review Amstel Raga (Dutch)


AMSTEL RAGA: CD release and Concert 8 Januari 2011

Amstel Peijl Review

Buy your tickets online for Amstel Quartet & Niti Ranjan Biswas!

Ties Mellema receives the Netherlands Music Prize

Become an Amstel Quartet Ambassador!

Publieksreactie n.a.v. Concertgebouw Recital

Dutch composer Otto Ketting writes for the Amstel Quartet

10 jaar Noorderkerkconcerten - CD

Amstel Friends pay less!

Review Amstel Peijl album

Jay Leno recommends Amstel Tracks

review in FanfareMag

Review Amstel Peijl CD

Amstel Quartet on YouTube

Amstel Peijl now available on I-Tunes!


Amstel Quartet on WQXR radio, New York

Een publieksrecensie van het concert met Niti Ranjan-Biswas

All 4 performances by Loopino and Amstel Quartet sold out

Paradox Cliché

surprising and thrilling

Youtube channel

Paul Haenen and the Amstel Quartet at the Bettyasfalt Complex

New Youtube videos online!

AQ Educational outreach inspires young band students in the US


Ruud van Eeten about the Amstel Quartet's residence

Party im "Römerbad"

Party im "Römerbad", excellent review!

Review Opening Concert Den Bosch

CD shop error

A new saxophonist born?

Review 'Amstel Peijl'

review ´Amstel Peijl´: Warmest notes in history of the saxop...

Amstel bari player Ties Mellema injured

This is how a saxophone quartet should sounds like

one Brain

Dublin Concert Review

Review on 'Amstel Peijl'


Amstel Quartet plays Haydn Opus 64 no. 3

Straight Lines, a new short film by Schapenwolk

New review about "Amstel Peijl"

CD Feature/ Amstel Quartet: "Amstel Peijl"

Radio show; now available

Amstel Quartet arrived safely in LA

New CD available now

Who needs violins, harpischords, organs, and pianos?

Who needs a Symphony Orchestra?

Nomination "Grachtenfestival Prijs 2007"

Premiere of Dogtroep's show "Laad Los"

Amstel Quartet back from their US debut tour

Amstel Quartet off to Carnegie Debute

Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg supports new recording

Amstel Quartet back from their Gulf tour

Dutch order form works again

Amstel Quartet on My Space

NAF supports New York tour April 2007

ALERT: Concert in Maastricht starts at 11:30

Concert Artists Guild demo DVD on YouTube

Happy New Year from the Amstel Quartet


Videoclip on Amstel Quartet's music on YouTube

Off to Lithuania - try-out in Amsterdam!

Wijnand Van Klaveren and Amstel Quartet record Fauré

Successful recital in the Concertgebouw

"The unequalled blowing Amstel Quartet" (NRC)

Amstel Quartet in car accident just before concert

New CD recording dates are set

Old music, new directions

New alto saxophone falls apart during concert

Amstel Quartet: new image, one name

Saxophone master Claude Delangle about One Gram of Time

Amstel Quartet plays Gubaidulina

Amstel Quartet back from their Russia tour

Amstel Quartet Wins in New York


ASQ, the Brand! - 1 Gram of Time - Supersonic Award

When the Star Reaches Out for You - Baltica - Supersonic Award

Amstel Quartet Releases Newest CD: 1 Gram of Time

Amstel Quartet “Show Goes On” after Bicycle Accident

Incredibly beautifully played Prélude, Fugue et Variation

Baltica CD Wins Praises from Saxophone Legend


Recommended Recordings - Straight Lines - Amstel Quartet

In Total Admiration of the Amstel Quartet - Amstel Tracks - Ex...

Amstel’s sensitive dynamic control and energetic sense of en...