Dec 04

Stories of the Soul


Piet Heinkade 3
1019 BR Amsterdam

Date: 04 Dec 2020
Time: 20:30
Price: € 19,-

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Stories of the Soul

featuring Anass Habib

Stories of the Soul is een programma vol met verhalen en emoties, gezamenlijk opgezet met de Marokkaanse zanger Anass Habib. Naast de welbekende liederen van Oum Kalthoum en Fairuz klinkt het opzwepende werk van Mohammed Abdu, de patriottistische klanken van Egyptisch vaderfiguur Sayid Darwish en composities van de Rahbani Brothers - ooit de veelzijdige muzikale compagnons van Fairuz. Composities die gevoelens  en verlangens van de Arabisch bevolking openbaren, maar bovenal repertoire dat voor een groot deel van de Westerse wereld nog onontgonnen terrein is.



Jan 10

Symphonic Saxophone


Cenakel 1
5022 KK Tilburg

Date: 10 Jan 2021
Time: 12:30
Price: € 15,00 Kinderen t/m 11 jaar gratis

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Symphonic saxophone

What would have happened if the great classical composers had had saxophones at their disposal, the Amstel Quartet wondered. The answer is found in Symphonic Saxophone: Brahms, Franck and Tchaikovsky meet the Amstel Quartet.

A versatile new years concert with original work for saxophone and symphonic masterpieces.

special guest: Laura Sandee - piano

Jan 14

Todos los Fuegos el Fuego - Maxim Shalygin

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ

Piet Heinkade 1
1019 BR Amsterdam

Date: 14 Jan 2021
Time: 20:15
Price: € 12,50 – € 35,00

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Todos los Fuegos el Fuego - Maxim Shalygin

Amstel Quartet and Keuris Quartet


“Todos los fuegos el fuego” is a musical cycle that immerses the listener for one hour in a mystical act, sparking off the imagination and opening up unknown emotional conditions.

“Todos los fuegos el fuego” for saxophone octet constitutes a mysterious and exciting link between music and literature. For the second chapter of the life-long Similar cycle (where the first one is: “Lacrimosa or 13 Magic Songs” for 7 violins) , Shalygin draws inspiration from “Todos los fuegos el fuego”, arguably the most enigmatic book by the great Cortázar. All short stories in this collection share an exit into a parallel, magic reality, sometimes near to ours, sometimes strikingly different from it. Their forms provoke peculiar musical dramaturgic solutions, whereas an abundance of pseudo-musical forms enables for the creation of a unique atmosphere, using an enlarged variety of performance techniques.

Suite’s overall structure consists of eight parts, performed by eight saxophone players — as many as there are stories in the book (and syllables in its title, which, incidentally, sounds like a saxophone phrase by itself). The saxophone is chosen for a reason, since, for all his knowledge and passion for music, jazz claimed the most of Cortázar’s attention. Jazz, and accordingly the sound of the saxophone was his muse and constant presence in many of his most well-known fiction. Moreover, the saxophone is involved in many mystical moments in music, literature, and, last but not least, cinema — a fascination I share with him as well.


Jan 17

Amstel Quartet

Theo Driessen Instituut

Willemprinzenstraat 43
5701 BC Helmond

Date: 17 Jan 2021
Time: 15:30
Price: € 20,50

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Symphonic Saxophone

What would have happened if the great classical composers had had saxophones at their disposal, the Amstel Quartet wondered. The answer is found in Symphonic Saxophone: Saint Saëns, Brahms, Franck and Tchaikovsky meet the Amstel Quartet.


let op:

Het reserveringsysteem geeft aan uitverkocht, omdat gezien de Covid-19 maatregelen het op dit moment onduidelijk is of de concerten doorgang kunnen vinden. Daarom worden de toegangskaarten een maand van te voren actief gemaakt.

Via de website wordt het één maand van te voren bekend gemaakt of een concert door gaat.

Op deze manier willen wij u tegemoet komen, zodat u alsnog het concert kunt bijwonen.

Jan 21

Symphonic cinema

Stadsgehoorzaal - Breezaal

Breestraat 60
2311 CS Leiden

Date: 21 Jan 2021
Time: 21:00
Price: Normaal € 17,50 CJP € 15,00 Student € 10,00

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Chamber Symphony

César Franck, Johannes Brahms, Pjotr Iljitsj Tchaikovsky 

 - I Allegro Non Troppo (Franck, from Symphony In D) 

- II Poco Allegretto (Brahms, from Symphony No. 3) 

- III Scherzo (Tchaikovsky, from Symphony No. 2) 

Ennio Morricone – Gabriels Oboe 

Philip Glass – Mishima 

Richard Wagner – The Ring 

Samuel Barber – Adagio for Strings op. 11

Jan 24

Classical Zen

Protestantse Kerk


Date: 24 Jan 2021

Feb 28

Belgium - Kortrijk
Classical Zen



Date: 28 Feb 2021

Mar 14

Den Bosch
Ode to Orpheus

De Toonzaal

Prins Bernhardstraat 4-6
Den Bosch

Date: 14 Mar 2021
Time: 11:00

Ode to Orpheus: 400 Years Sweelinck

Music by Sweelinck, Vrolijk, Fiumara


Exactly four hundred years after his death, the spirit of Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck is still very much alive in the Netherlands. In this memorable year, Amstel Quartet brings an ode to the ‘Prince of Musicke’.

They play his famous fantasias and vocal compositions, complemented with work by present-day Dutch composers such as Anthony Fiumara and Renske Vrolijk.


May 15

Sax avec Elan!

De Oude Kerk


Date: 15 May 2021
Time: 20:15
Price: € 22,50

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Sax avec Elan!

Philippe Elan and the Amstel Quartet featuring Thérèse Steinmetz

Music by Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour, Edith Piaf and others

Drift away with moving French chansons and compelling stories, in the unique combination of chansonnier Philippe Elan and the Amstel Quartet. Elan is a household name to anyone with a passion for the French chanson. He once began his musical career playing the saxophone in the local brass band, but it soon became apparent that his true passion was to sing. The saxophone continued to play a part in his life though and so it was no coincidence that he said yes to a collaboration with the Amstel Quartet: they understand like no other what singing is. And the chansons by Brel, Aznavour and Piaf are perfectly suited to him. The press quite rightly wrote: “Philippe Elan sings these songs with such charm and passion that he effortlessly illustrates why these chansons have become classics.”

Jul 14

Germany - Trier
Classical Zen



Date: 14 Jul 2021
Time: 20:00

Classical Zen




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