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Amstel Quartet
Amstel Quartet



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Johan Sebastian Bach
1. Prelude and Fugue in c , BWV 537, I. Prelude
2. Prelude and Fugue in c , BWV 537, II. Fugue

Dietrich Buxtehude
3. Partita ‘Auf meinen Lieben Gott’, BuxWV 179

Pjotr Iljitsj Tchaikovsky 
4. Scherzo: allegro molto vivace
from 2nd symphony in c opus 17

Jane O’ Leary
5. riverrun (part I)*

Terry Riley
(from ‘Mandala Miniatures’)
6. Sardophonia
7. Maid of old Mexico
8. Song of the Earth

Jorrit Dijkstra
9. Bounce*

Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
10. Ricercare

Steve Martland
11. Short Story

Wim Henderickx
12. The Seven Chakras: III. Manipura (Fire)
13. The Seven Chakras: IV. Anahata (Air)

Maarten Altena
14. Scattered Scenes (part II)*

Renske Vrolijk
15. Squawk Box: I. Air*

Martin Fondse
Extra Time (The 60 Seconds Way)*
16. V. Chrono Logic
17. III. Time to make a chance
18. VII. Country Life

*) written for the Amstel Quartet