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26/11 20 | @tdrks
Hi @AmstelQuartet, recording Tapas @marcmellits for my program An Ox on the Roof Sunday 12-13.00 hrs CET…
26/11 20 | @Wrightstufmusic
Amazing music from Diploma Students! Check out these works written by students & performed by the magical…
13/11 20 | @pieterabvannes
De #artiestenfoyer in @DeOchtendvan4 op @NPORadio4 mocht weer open - vandaag met het fantastische @AmstelQuartet!
10/11 20 | @AmstelQuartet
for all of our friends from Luxemburg, here is Olivier's interview in Luxemburgisch, Lëtzebuergesch, Luxemburgs…
09/11 20 | @tdrks
Playing now: Tapas @marcmellits on new cd @AmstelQuartet - great music, smashing performance!
04/11 20 | @JoshuaCheek15
@AmstelQuartet Absolutely brilliant and FUN! So honored to make some small contribution!
04/11 20 | @JoshuaCheek15
A brilliant project from the brilliant @AmstelQuartet. SO honored to have participated with such amazing artists an…
04/11 20 | @AmstelQuartet
for those of you who missed it , here's the link to our livestream watch this while waitin…
04/11 20 | @tdrks
Vers vd pers @AmstelQuartet American Dream... doen ze het erom? Vrees toch echt dat Trump gaat winnen & die Amerika…
02/11 20 | @DickyPronk
@azizbekkaoui @AmstelQuartet @GovertdeRoos @Bimhuis Prachtig gedaan Aziz!
02/11 20 | @azizbekkaoui
Voor het @AmstelQuartet mocht ik voor hun nieuwe album de kostuums ontwerpen en de art direction verrichten. Pracht…
16/09 20 | @EbikoroEbikoro
@drandyosakwe Revelation! @PKranidiotis @AmstelQuartet @OyelowoAnne
28/08 20 | @InPulseLlc
@AmstelQuartet @GovertdeRoos @azizbekkaoui Don’t forget to send us new photos!
27/08 20 | @AmstelQuartet
We had fun during our photoshoot with @GovertdeRoos and @azizbekkaoui #photography #Amsterdam #Smile #relax #music
25/08 20 | @AmstelQuartet
Going to a rehearsal dutch style #bicycle
20/08 20 | @AmstelQuartet
First rehearsal after summer holidays #Showtime #Summer2020 #Amsterdam #shorts
20/07 20 | @MShalygin
@AmstelQuartet @FPodiumkunsten @selmersaxes 😅
20/07 20 | @AmstelQuartet
Sorry to bother you with another great review of @MShalygin album #ClassicalMusic #music #great #Review…
14/07 20 | @AmstelQuartet
Ready for summer holidays #beachlife #saxophone #northsea #Netherlands #concert #gold #seal #birdwatching #sunset
14/07 20 | @AmstelQuartet
@ClassicFM I visited my grandma sunday afternoon


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