Philippe Elan, Thérèse Steinmetz & Amstel Quartet proudly present: Manège à trois
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Newsletter March 2019

Manège à trois »
Todos los fuegos el fuego »
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Manège à trois 

Philippe Elan, Thérèse Steinmetz & Amstel Quartet proudly present: Manège à trois

Vinyl Release Concert:
Thursday March 7th, 20:30, Betty Asfalt Complex Amsterdam

Hot off the press! Amstel Records releases its first record on Vinyl: five Chanson Classics, on a 10’ 45 rpm Vinyl recorded and mastered by cutting-edge sound engineer Paul Pouwer, featuring gorgeous artwork by Henc Smit. And there’s quite a story behind this “Manège à trois”…:

in 2014, Philippe Elan and the Amstel Quartet released their album “Sax avec Elan” - hailed by the critics as a “revelation” and “balm for the soul”. It was no other than Dutch legend Thérèse Steinmetz who heard Philippe and the quartet during one of their promotion concerts: it inspired her to release “Amsterdam, Paris” with Philippe a year later. Now, in 2019, the circle is complete with this collaborative tour-de-force. Fun detail: still in time for this year’s Eurovision, this EP contains Luxembourg’s 1965 winner by France Galle “Poupée de cire, poupée de son”, in a flamboyant arrangement by Sylvia Maessen.

After the release date the Vinyl will be available through our webshop and select record stores. Along with the vinyl record, you'll also get a download code, with an optional choice of high-resolution audio. It will also be released digitally on all current platforms.

Get your tickets here and join us at the cozy Betty Asfalt Theater om March 7th to celebrate with us!

Todos los fuegos el fuego

Maxim Shalygin, Keuris Quartet, Amstel Quartet

The poster is ready!

Preparations are underway for a new work by composer Maxim Shalygin - a 70-minute composition for saxophone octet (Keuris and Amstel Quartet)

"Todos los fuegos el fuego" for saxophone octet constitutes a mysterious and exciting link between music and literature. Shalygin draws inspiration from "Todos los fuegos el fuego", arguably the most enigmatic book by the great Julio Cortázar. All short stories in this collection share an exit into a parallel, magic reality, sometimes near to ours, sometimes strikingly different from it.

Read more about this exciting project here: Todos los fuegos el fuego

Bart's Boekenclub

Wednesday March 27th, 20:30, Betty Asfalt Complex Amsterdam

Bart's Boekenclub is the new literary evening concept of historian and book fanatic Bart Gielen.

Guests at this edition are Arthur Japin - with his new novel "Kolja", and Saskia Noort - taking about her new book "Stromboli". The Amstel Quartet and Philippe Elan will be their musical companions for this evening.

Tickets available here.

Weekend in Esch

Amstel Quartet recently had a successful visit to Luxembourg, completing a two-day residency of lessons, workshops, and performances with saxophone students from the Conservatoire de Musique Esch-Alzette.

The quartet had the opportunity there to work with students of saxophone teachers Jessica Quintus and Nadine Kauffmann, with each member of Amstel giving private lessons and coaching sessions to student saxophone quartets. The residency closed with an evening concert featuring several performances side-by-side with the students, including a saxophone octet performance of music by Sweelinck together with a student saxophone quartet, and several other pieces with large saxophone ensemble.

Also taking the stage alone, Amstel then wowed the audience with the Luxembourg premiere of Christian Lauba's virtuosic new work "Mambo", among other works by Lago, Torke, Creston, and Van Onna. The quartet is looking forward to coming back soon in the future to work with this wonderful community of saxophone teachers, students, and enthusiasts.

April tour: Middle East and Japan

This spring tour will take us to Dubai for the third time and to Kuwait City for the first time in our career. After visiting the Middle East we will be heading to Japan where we haven't been back since 2002! Tanoshimi desu!

Featured programs: A Night at the Cinema and Symphonic Saxophone. This tour is organised by our manager Cindy Hwang, InPulse Creatives.