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Getting back to business

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China, 2018

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A little teaser... With some extra info in the middle, hope you like it!

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When on your way to work... #backtowork #saxophone #music #classicalmusic #contemporarymusic #saxophonequartet #saxofoon

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What’s up in the tree...? #amstelquartet #saxophone #amsterdam #classicalmusic #minimalmusic

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#sax #repair #time #flex

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A romantic love song: Love will always win! Two people are sitting together and drinking wine, one says to the other: You are as beautiful as the full moon, sitting with you now is better than my entire life. You are tall and strong like a tree and your face is like the light of the morning. Sing for me, one with the most beautiful voice, when you sing the time is best and the space is filled with perfume, then give me the wine until I melt in your beauty and in your heaven. Stories of the Soul Laha badru tim - Mahmoud Sobh, Egypt 1898-1941 - arr. Sylvia Maessen @anassandmusic & Amstel Quartet

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H E L L O ! ! ! ! #stayhome #staytuned

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In these bizarre times, even though we're separated from each other, musicians have found creative ways to use technology to connect and add beauty to this uncertain world. The music of John Cage, more than perhaps any other composer, embraces uncertainty. Every performance of Four5 is different, both because of the performance instructions, and also because of other 'real-world' sounds that may intrude. This music allows the listener to journey deeper into themselves and to embrace all the external sounds, intrusions, and events that occur: to accept the things that happen without resistance, even when they are scary, boring, unsettling, or frustrating. With this video we also try to look to the future, and a moment where life returns to normal--or perhaps even better than it was before. Cage's Four5 (in a studio-recorded version) is featured on our forthcoming CD, American Dream, alongside music by Lauba, Mellits, Torke, and Creston, already long in the making. We can't wait for the day that we can present the CD in live concert, and personally hand it over it to our fans and friends, accompanied by a gezellig handshake or hug. Stay safe everyone!


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