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Programmes Season 18/19

Pop Art

Amstel Quartet - Pop Art

Music by Torke, Aphex Twin, Fransens, Kraftwerk, Nyman, Eno, Bowie

In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes - ANDY WARHOL

Highbrow, lowbrow, art with a capital or a lowercase A; as in the visual arts the differences between the genres are increasingly fading in music too. Aphex Twin’s intelligent dance music and Kraftwerk’s proto-elektro achieved classical status, for example, while composers such as Joep Franssens and Michael Torke appear to be taking their work onto the dance floor. And icons Brian Eno and David Bowie always did move about in that no-man’s land between the lower and the elevated art. The saxophone is the perfect guide between these two worlds – in the Pop Art programme the Amstel Quartet brings Andy Warhol’s pop dream just that little bit closer: everyone will get their fifteen minutes of fame!

Classical Zen

Amstel Quartet - Classical Zen

Music by Cage, Haas, Dufourt, Pärt, Buxtehude, Riley

A meditation with no interruptions. The hushed music of John Cage flows into the rugged sounds of Georg Friedrich Haas and the comforting lines of Arvo Pärt. Get comfortable and submerge yourself in the oasis of peace — away from the daily rat race. The sound of the Amstel Quartet surrounds you with Hugues Dufourt’s ethereal harmonic music, composed especially for the quartet. Feel your life energy slowly start to flow again to the swinging tones of minimal-shaman Terry Riley. With the audience lying on mats on the floor, or nestled in beanbags, the music is experienced in a whole new way. To add to the ambiance this concert comes with a complete lighting plan (depending on the suitability of the venue).


Amstel Quartet - Baltica

Music by Pärt, Vasks, Germanavicius, Kõrvits, Dubra, Kacinskas

No need for hallucinogenics here, but it is a ‘trip’ nonetheless. Hallucinating music! - Pizzicato Magazine on Baltica

Of course everyone knows the music of Arvo Pärt and Peteris Vasks. But did you know that Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are brimming with musical talent? Experience the most harmonious music ever at the hands of the Amstel Quartet. This foursome may rightly proclaim themselves specialists in Baltic music. Since the release of their 2005 CD Baltica, they have deepened and broadened their knowledge and experience of this music. And their repertoire has continued to grow. Join us on an exploration of these mysterious sounds.

Estonia: Arvo Pärt & Tõnu Kõrvits
Latvia: PÄ“teris Vasks & Rihards Dubra
Lithuania: Jeronimus Kacinskas & Vytautas Germanavicius

Symphonic Saxophone

Music of  Beethoven, Wagner, Barber, Franck, Tsjaikovsky, Brahms, Glass

As a newcomer the saxophone may well be the most versatile instrument in the world. It feels right at home in any environment; whispering in chamber music or ripping the notes on the big stage.  What would have happened if the great classical composers had had saxophones at their disposal, the Amstel Quartet wondered. The answer is found in Symphonic Saxophone: Beethoven, Wagner Franck and Tchaikovsky meet the Amstel Quartet. In classical arrangements made specifically for this concert the quartet demonstrates how four saxophones can sound like a virtuoso and sonorous symphony orchestra without being surpassed by the original line-up. The Americans Barber and Glass are the perfect torchbearers of this symphonic tradition.

The Man-Machine

Amstel Quartet - The Man-Machine

Music by Kraftwerk, Fiumara, Biegai, Kypski

Man Machine, Pseudo human being, Man Machine, Super human being - KRAFTWERK

Exactly 40 years ago Kraftwerk released Der Mensch-Maschine. The legendary album announced the birth of a new genre of electronic music, the consequences of which are still felt today. Not only are countless artists still inspired by the synth pop the German foursome produced - Kraftwerk, in turn, listened closely to classical electronic pioneers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen and Pierre Henry. In this tribute the Amstel Quartet combines Kraftwerk tracks from The Man-Machine with new compositions by Dutch composer Anthony Fiurama and the German Christina Biegai. Turntablist Kypski improvises on the Krautrock-sounds and Hendrik Walther designed video art for this super human performance. We are the robots.

Glass on the Roof

Amstel Quartet - Glass on the Roof

Music by Glass, Fiumara, Kypski. With video projections by Hendrik Walther.

Philip Glass is one of the most influential and major composers of our time. During this concert the Amstel Quartet will play Glass’ best work, combined with the work of composer and Glass enthusiast Anthony Fiumara. Electronic composer Kypski brings the various pieces together, creating an evening-long remix. A semi-staged concert in the style of Philip Glass’ former loft-happenings, in which genres and art mediums seamlessly flowed into one another. The Amstel Quartet will play their choice from his rich oeuvre, from young minimalism through to the more recent cinematic pieces. Hendrik Walther created the minimalist video images in a Glassian vein.

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