When the Star Reaches Out for You - Baltica - Supersonic Award

Oct 31

This CD confronts its audience with difficult music. Difficult to play, difficult to listen to. Concerning the interpretation, the four musicians of the Amstel Quartet (including Luxembourger Olivier Sliepen) totally master this aspect of difficulty. Concerning the listener, one has to clarify his spirit, leave normality behind and be prepared for unusual encounters, for sounds that seem to reflect the breath of life itself. It’s the sheer beauty of the material that one has to admire first, before gradually exploring the unknown, and dare to be confronted by an emotional state of mind out of the usual. Whatever, once launched onto this path, you want to know all about it – you break with the force of gravity that attaches you to your chair and through greyish clouds you arrive, seduced, Far Away, Till Midnight in a cloud of cosmic crystals, then you continue your journey through vaskian nebulae: and there, behind the curtain, the start gives you a hand, blue and transparent. Finally you’re dreaming, inside a world of angels, where amazement is renewing itself continuously. The most difficult is the return to earth. There are no drugs involved here. But it is definitely a trip. High floating music!