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CD review Amstel Raga (in German) Pizzicato

Mar 30

Pizzicato - 4 / 2011

Sliepen & Co. in India

The Amstel Quartet never repeats itself and now releases yet another exciting CD together with tabla player Niti Ranjan-Biswas. A meeting of two worlds that merge surprisingly well and lead to true sound synergies. In this program - that also consists of solo interludes by Niti Ranjan-Biswas - one never has the impression of artificial conceptualism or sheer superficiality.

It’s definitely a deep quest for a mix of Western and Indian concepts, which results in a CD with inspiring, highly floating music, full of unexpected rhythms and colors.

But also technically the Indian tabla player, and saxophonists Remco Jak, Olivier Sliepen, Bas Apswoude and Ties Mellema are mesmerizing !

Norbert Tischer