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CD review Amstel Raga (in German)

Mar 28

CD review Amstel Raga (German) in ENSEMBLE Magazin für Kammermusik [april/may 2011]

Ensemble - Magazin für Kammermusik (April / Mai 2011)

The Amstel Quartet’s new CD is definitely the biggest surprise here ! With “Amstel Raga” this dutch saxophone quartet has embraced Indian traditional music. Obviously the sound of a saxophone quartet is always grounded within recent European music history.

A fact that the Amstel Quartet uses to its advantage. But for this production they are joined by tabla player Niti Ranjan-Biswas - creating a sound world that merges European and Indian traditional styles. Some of the works here , like Ian Wilson’s “Heaven Lay Close” , are written by European composers with this project in mind , others are originally from India.

And some of the tracks are solo interludes by Niti Ranjan-Biswas. This recording is an exciting multicultural journey. As the performances of these musicians are top-notch, and succeed in melting both musical languages , this CD is definitely worth listening !

Carsten Dürer