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Amstel Quartet plays Haydn Opus 64 no. 3

Dec 22

This season the Amstel Quartet is preparing performances of the Haydn Opus 64 no. 3 string quartet for the 08-09 season. There will be performances during tours in the US and concerts in the Netherlands.
Currently the Amstel Quartet is working with the String Quartet Academy to get acquainted with the material through the rich knowledge of former Orlando Quartet cellist Stefan Metz.
An important part of the Amstel Quartet's repertoire consists of arrangements. In the past the quartet has played Haydn string quartets and now the quartet is yet again exploring the beauty of this music on their instrument, the saxophone. Although the the choice for 'classical' music seems not to be the most obvious choice for four saxophones to play, the typical light sound of the Amstel Quartet seems to fit the music very well.
Bas Apswoude selected and arranged this particular quartet for his ensemble.
More new arrangements and composition for the Amstel Quartet next season: Ravel Suite (consisting a.o. of the famous Pavane and the Menuet Antique), more Bach, more Buxtehude, Gliere, new work by Altena, Germanus and Bol.