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LUXEMBURGER WORT - Une mosaïque musicale étincelante

Feb 15

Luxemburger Wort - Une mosaïque musicale étincelante.

about the Amstel Tracks Now! concert @ the Philharmonie, Luxemburg 8-2-2012:


“It’s such an undescribable pleasure to listen to these four musicians: an borderless musical horizon and a generous liberty of expression”.


“Going from Renaissance to New Music, they create a new world in itself with every musical work. Their interpretations are always passionate and self-renewing”


‘In their new program “Amstel Tracks Now!”, the quartet impresses by their transparent and balanced playing, paired with a sheer abundance of musicality”


“Unbelievable professional precision go hand in hand with a generous liberty of expression.

The Amstel Quartet creates a perfectly balanced sound stage paired with a undeniably strong consciousness of style”.


Hilda van Heel, Luxemburger Wort, 11.02.2012.

Review of “Amstel Tracks Now!”, live at the Philharmonie on 08.02.2012.