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New manager

Aug 8

The Amstel Quartet is now represented in North America by Marilyn Gilbert, Toronto, Canada.

Marilyn Gilbert Artists Management has embraced change with a roster of musicians whose work challenges the artificial boundaries of genre and whose sparkling musicianship gives them broad appeal.

We are committed to developing the careers of dynamic, innovative musicians. The music market is undergoing a massive shift, as audiences are increasingly comprised of new communities with new tastes. In this context, musical innovation and adaptation is not only an aesthetic, but also a necessity. We are proud to represent artists who speak to a multitude of audiences, in a multitude of ways.

Audience development is a constant process. For this reason, we partner with artists who reach beyond the stage and make a difference in people’s lives, and work closely with both artists and presenters to develop programmes that transcend the concert hall and embrace the educational and outreach opportunities required to foster an active music culture.

DIrector Marilyn Gilbert is a dreamer and an optimist who has expressed her deep love of music working as an artist’s manager for 32 seasons. Her daily involvement in bringing great music to as many people as possible make Marilyn’s life meaningful and rich with excitement. A former musician, she loves being “backstage.” Her instruments used to be the violin and guitar. She now practices and performs daily on computer and telephone.