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Support the 'Amstel Tracks 2' project now!

Aug 19


We know you love Amstel Tracks I, now get this: The Amstel Quartet decided to continue the legacy of Amstel Tracks I by releasing a sequal. To make this possible we need your help.

In these hard times of crisis and government cuts we still want to continue spreading the music we love so much. And especially this CD production is something we feel very strongly about. It is the best of Amstel, according to you, the audience, and us.

If you want to help the Amstel Quartet producing this CD please donate.
We need 1500,- to make this happen.
So far we have raised 640,-. (dd 19 August)

Amstel Tracks 2, works by Lago, Sweelinck, Bach, Brahms, Rivier, Ravel, Mozart, Barber, Nyman and Dun.

The CD release will be in Felix Meritis, January 14, 2012

Donations over €500,- will be mentioned in the booklet.