Sep 11

September 11, 2014 / 20:00
Utrecht, The Netherlands / tba

Gaudeamus Muziekweek - - -dynamic saxophones

Concerts by the Amstel Quartet from Amsterdam are a dynamic experience. Not least because the saxophone quartet always plays standing upright. The programme features extremely diverse compositions. In Alexey Sysoev’s work, which taxes the saxophones to their limits, a broad gamut of notes unfolds in fits and starts. Hikari Kiyama wrote the cheerful but rhythmically complex Sax quartet. Composer Sander Germanus, who studied as a saxophonist, focused on microtonality in Moonwalk, an imaginary stroll on the Earth's satellite. The programme includes two are world premieres, Wilbert Bulsink's Barricade! and Max Knigge's OhEngelOh. Whereas Bulsink is known for his playful, almost vernacular compositions Max Knigge's ultra brief piece combines sharp rhythms, shrill contrasts, and sweet sounds.
Wilbert Bulsink (NL 1983) Barricade! (world premiere)
Hikari Kiyama (JP 1983) Sax quartet (nominated for Gaudeamus Prize 2014)
Max Knigge (NL 1984) OhEngelOh (world premiere)
Alexey Sysoev (RU 1972) Consistent Contradictions


Sander Germanus (NL 1972) Moonwalk