Felix Meritis

Jan 26

January 26, 2013
Amsterdam, Nederland


Amstel Quartet featuring Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer,clarinet.

Devirtuoso clarinet player Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer and the Amstel Quartet demonstrate that the clarinet and a saxophone quartet together produce an unexpectedly beautiful combination of tone and repertoire.

Theyhave joined musical forces and have composed a programme specifically for this collaboration, in which the kindred reed instruments enhance each other, both in c0lour and in intensity.

In Bach the reed players pull out all the stops: a partita in which a simple chorale melody works its heavenly way through the instruments in several variations.

In this programme Lars also plays theSequenza 9a for clarinet solo by great master Luciano Berio.

During the spectacular clarinet quintet by Carl Maria von Weber, which has been given a face-lift, Lars cheerfully lets the frivolity of his clarinet be heard above the four saxophones.

For this uniquecollaboration house composer to the Amstel Quartet, Ian Wilson, rewrote his intimate “her charms invited” which is inspired upon an Irish song.

Johann Sebastian BachPartita “Sei gegrüsset,Jesugütig ” BWV768

Luciano Berio(1925-2003)Sequenza 9a (for clarinet solo)

Ian Wilson(1964)Where the moorcocks crow”

Carl Maria von WeberClarinet quintetin Bes opus 34